Evidence of Kale Planting at Rath Maeve and Tractor Damage at Colvonstown, near Hill of Tara

July 5, 2008

” Rath Maeve, M.143, is a large circular rath and a protected national monument close to Tara. It was the mythological home of Maeve, the old earth goddess and consort of successive kings of Tara. As such it has a central place in our heritage and should be afforded all the respect and care it deserves. However yesterday when we visited it we were shocked to see that the entire rath has been planted with Kale. This involved it been ploughed up, planted and it is to be expected, later harvested. Kale is a deep growing vegetable with a long tap root. The harvesting will entail soil disturbance to a dept of at least half a metre. As far as we know no archeologically investigation has taken place on Rath Maeve and no archaeologist was present at the ploughing so priceless items belonging to our history and heritage could have been removed or destroyed. It is known and accepted that this happened in the past and much of what was of value under our soil was destroyed or carried away. That this is again happening today and under a green environment minister beggars belief.
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John Farrelly – Independent Tara Campaigner Wed Jul 02, 2008


Rath Lugh Monument under increased threat as protesters moved on

April 17, 2008

The Protest Camp based at Rath Lugh has now been evicted. At one o’ clock, four Protectors who were on site were told by Gardai that they had to gather up their belongings and leave. This was not done in an aggressive manner and was complied with by the protesters.

Once the protesters had left Rath Lugh woods no protester was allowed back in. According to the Direct Action Group, there were 20 Gardai, 3 Garda Cars present, plus 2 Vans as well as a dozen Construction Workers at the entrance to the woods. A steel fence has now been erected separating Rath Lugh National Monument from the public road. A mini digger is busy creating a path and a low loader is in situ. Read the rest of this entry »

Easter Monday at Rath Lugh: NRA Intensifies Program of Action to Complete M3 Motorway

March 24, 2008


A metal palisade fence has been erected between the construction site of the M3, close to the Rath Lugh national monument in Co. Meath, and a camp in which protesters and conservationists are based.

The fence was completed by road-building contractor Eurolink on Saturday, 22nd March. The fence has been put in place according to the NRA, to keep the protesters from digging new tunnels – similar to one which had been occupied for 60 hours by protester Lisa Feeney – in the path of the M3 motorway. Read the rest of this entry »

Good Friday Newsflash from the Tara Foundation:

March 21, 2008

The mound upon which ancient Rath Lugh rests is now being sliced for the M3 Motorway.

The National Roads Authority has stated work is advancing on the M3 motorway in the area close to Rath Lugh where protestors have set up camp. Up to fifty Gardaí are said to be at the scene.

The NRA says it is putting in place what is known as a ‘box cut’, which outlines the road’s route. It is also building a quib wall and security fencing. It says the steps are being taken for health and safety reasons, and with the advice and consent of the Gardaí.

The NRA alleges that workers at Rath Lugh are being intimidated by protestors, and that a civil understanding reached with Lisa Feeney allowing for the fencing to be put in place has not been honoured. Previously the NRA had claimed that no agreement was reached with the tunnel protestor. Read the rest of this entry »

Rath Lugh Protestors Served with OPW Evictions Notices

March 20, 2008


Rath Lugh National Monument protestors are getting legal notices to quit this morning, signed and dated by the Office of Public Works. The OPW are run by the Department of the Environment, OPW Headquarters is located at 52 St. Stephen’s Green. The OPW Contact information is as follows:



Email: info@opw.ie
Phone: 353-1-6476000
LoCall: 1890 213414
Fax: 353-1-6610747

The EU is apparently operating under the belief that works on the M3 ceased pending hearing at the Court of Justice. Read the rest of this entry »

Tunnel Protestor says there is now a month-long reprieve for Rath Lugh National Monument

March 19, 2008

Lisa Feeney ended her protest at the site of the M3 motorway in Co Meath after several days in an underground tunnel.

Anti-M3 protestors claim Lisa Feeney agreed to leave after striking a deal with the National Roads Authority to suspend work for a month at Rath Lugh.

Her protest was aimed at preventing construction work on the M3 motorway, near the Rath Lugh national monument, in the Tara/Skryne valley. Read the rest of this entry »

Tara Protester in tunnel under esker at Rath Lugh National Monument

March 15, 2008

Rath Lugh Newsflash: 15th March 2008: 100 Protestors Now at Frontline Rath Lugh Camp.



Construction of part of the M3 motorway at Rath Lugh, near Tara, Co. Meath, is being delayed by a protester who is refusing to emerge from a 10m (33ft) deep tunnel dug into the motorway site.

Lisa Feeney from Dublin, who says she is a psychology graduate aged in her early 20s, told The Irish Times via two-way radio yesterday that she was “comfortable”, well-equipped and was passing her time by reading a book by Pádraig Pearse by candlelight.

“It’s grand”, Ms. Feeney said. “They haven’t cut off my air supply, so it’s comfortable enough. I’m prepared to stay here for months”. Read the rest of this entry »