EU Imposes a Temporary Ban on Brazilian Beef

January 30, 2008

The IFA stated that it welcomed a decision by the European Commission to place what is in effect a temporary ban on all imports to the EU of Brazilian beef from Friday.

One of the problems cited by Irish farmers with Brazilian beef imports is that Brazil does not use the same traceability and health standards on farms as are regularily imposed in the EU. Read the rest of this entry »


M3 will Eliminate Proposed Meath Rail Link

January 30, 2008

It is unlikely that the proposed Navan rail link can be economically viable if the M3 motorway is completed in its present form, the authors of the Meath MASTER Plan have warned. Transport researcher Brian Guckian and environmental campaigner Tadhg Crowley stated that the forthcoming economic downturn made future capital funding for any rail link additional to the M3 extremely doubtful, especially as a railway would also take lucrative toll revenue from the motorway. Mr. Guckian pointed to a study he completed in 2005 that showed the M3 in its current form would also generate total costs, conservatively estimated, of at least € 5.6 billion over 30 years due to its CO2 emissions, increased fuel dependency and tolling arrangements. Read the rest of this entry »

Death of Suharto on Sunday, January 27th 2008

January 28, 2008

Former Indonesian dictator Suharto who was 86 years old, died yesterday from multiple organ failure in hospital.

President Bush offered his “condolences” on Sunday on the death of Suharto, a Cold War ally whose 32 years of brutal rule saw up to a million political opponents killed.

Cameron Hume, the U.S. ambassador in Jakarta, said Suharto was a close ally who led his country through a period of “remarkable” development. Read the rest of this entry »

UPS cuts credit rating for major Dublin banks as Davos Summit Ends

January 28, 2008

Shares in the big Irish banks fell sharply in Dublin today after substantial downgrades from Swiss broker UBS this morning.

UBS cut its rating on Bank of Ireland from ‘buy’ to ‘neutral’, and its ratings on both AIB and Anglo Irish Bank to ‘sell’ from ‘neutral’. Read the rest of this entry »

New videos

January 24, 2008

The Tara Foundation is pleased to present our new videos:

The Importance of Lismullen: the real significance of the National Monument the government is about to demolish.

The Importance of Bremore: why is the government hell-bent on developing a new port on the east coast when there are world-class deep water ports with unexplored potential elsewhere in the country? Could it be that there is a 6000-year-old monument to be destroyed?

The Phoenix Park: Dublin’s next building site?

The Encirclement of Royal Meath: just why will there be several motorways going through one county? And what about the super prison and super port being developed close to its borders?

We would be happy to accept your comments.

DIT report calls for National Spatial Strategy to be Abandoned

January 23, 2008

This new study was written by planners from the Dublin Institute of Technology found that most of the Gateway Areas outlined in the National Spatial Strategy are not experiencing significant growth. The report alleges that these towns could not sustain large-scale growth even if they doubled in size.

The DIT planners predict that most of the growth will continue to occur around Dublin, and that two-thirds of Ireland’s population will live within 25 kilometres of the East Coast by 2030. Read the rest of this entry »

€1 Billion a year fines over the next 12 years for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

January 23, 2008

The European Commission has proposed greenhouse gas and renewable energy targets for 2020.The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern stated the approach signalled by the commission raised very serious economic and social issues for Ireland, and required very careful consideration.

Ireland is asked to cut greenhouse gases by 20% and increase the use of renewable energy sources, like wind and wave power, from 2% to 16%. Read the rest of this entry »